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Serious Personal Injury

What is a Personal Injury Claim?

A person who suffers a physical and/or emotional injury because of the negligence of another person may have a claim for money damages (called a tort claim).

How Do I Know If I Have A Claim?

Not every injury gives rise to a legally cognizable claim.  To find out if you have a claim, consult with one of our experienced personal injury attorneys today.

When Should I Consult With An Attorney?

Personal injury claims have an expiration date, meaning that they can become time barred and lost forever.  As a result, if you or a loved one have been injured because of the negligence of someone else, it is prudent to promptly consult an experienced personal injury attorney about your potential claim.

What Kinds of Things Might I Be Compensated for If I Bring a Claim?

If proved by the evidence to have resulted from the negligence of the defendant, Arizona law allows a jury to award money for each of the following elements of damages:

  • The nature, extent and duration of the injury;
  • The pain, discomfort, suffering, disability, disfigurement (past and future);
  • Medical expenses;
  • Lost earnings (past and future);
  • Loss of ability to partake in life’s activities;
  • Loss of love, society, companionship etc. relationship.


Why Choose Bode & Collins, P.L.C.?

Combined, the attorneys at Bode & Collins, P.L.C. have more than forty years of experience handling personal injury claims and have recovered millions of dollars for clients during that time.

When you retain Bode & Collins, P.L.C. to fight for your rights, you get Chris Bode and Natalie Collins working on your case.  We do not pass our clients off to a junior associate or unlicensed assistant and step in to learn the file at the last minute.

Unlike many plaintiffs’ attorneys, we have experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury matters.  We believe this experience works to our clients’ advantage;  it gives us insight into what the other side is likely to do and helps us present our cases in the strongest possible manner.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured because of the negligence of another person, call us at 480.355.5020 today.  Initial consultations are free.  If we take your case we will front all costs and work on a contingency fee, meaning you won’t owe any attorneys’ fees unless and until there is a settlement or verdict in your favor.