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Scottsdale Violent Attack Attorney

Violent attacks often equate to criminal charges including assault, assault and battery, or aggravated assault. While the perpetrators of such crimes will hopefully face criminal prosecution for crimes against the state, the injured victims may seek compensation through a civil action. After suffering injury from a violent attack, an injured person is likely to have many questions, especially when it comes to seeking compensation for damages.

Finding the right attorney to handle your case is important after suffering a violent attack. A lawyer can not only help you lay the groundwork for a lawsuit, but also help you navigate the trial process and secure assistive resources such as protection orders, counseling, and other forms of relief.

Defining Violent Attacks

Violent attacks take many forms, and it’s important to recognize the fact that a person can commit a violent act without actually hurting anyone. The only necessary factor is that the perpetrator must make the victim fearful of suffering immediate physical injury.

“Assault” in the legal sense describes a demonstrable threat of violence. In some cases, verbal or written threats can constitute assault, but most assault charges stem from threats of violence made in person, including attempted physical violence. The charges increase to assault and battery if the perpetrator succeeds in harming the victim. This constitutes a “completed” assault and incurs heavier penalties.

The legal world also separates assaults based on the intent behind them and other factors. Generally, assaults fall into one of two categories: simple and aggravated. Aggravated assault describes committing an assault with a deadly weapon or in the course of committing a crime. While simple assault typically leads to a misdemeanor charge, aggravated assault almost always constitutes a felony.

Filing a Lawsuit

If you’ve suffered injury from a violent attack, the chances are good that the authorities have already apprehended the offender by the time you start considering legal action. After you’ve addressed your immediate medical concerns, hire an attorney to represent your case. Your lawyer will help you gather the evidence necessary for building a civil action against the person who attacked you. Additionally, since the offender likely faces criminal charges in addition to your civil action, your attorney will work with the court system and the state prosecutors to seek justice.

Depending on where the violent action took place, you may have better luck suing another liable party. For example, if you suffer injuries from an assault in a bar, the person who attacked you will likely face criminal actions but may not have the assets to compensate your losses. Instead of suing the person who actually attacked you, your attorney may advise suing the bar for providing alcohol to a dangerous patron and thus facilitating the attack.

Hire Reliable Attorneys

It’s imperative to work with the right attorney when facing any type of legal situation. At The Law Office of Chris Bode you can expect the intimate feeling of a small-town firm backed up by the experience and resources of one of the most respected firms in Arizona. We represent clients in Scottsdale and throughout the state in all manner of legal issues including those involving violent assaults. We understand the toll that these attacks can take on victims and put the full range of our capabilities to work for every one of our clients.

After a violent attack, an injured victim can secure compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, psychological trauma, lost income from missed work, and property damage for any items damaged or destroyed in the attack. Contact The Law Office of Chris Bode today to schedule a case evaluation. We’ll review the details of your situation and let you know what to expect from a lawsuit.